50 Shades – And They Don’t Need to be Grey

So time is taking its toll? Or maybe it’s not time but all those commitments:  mortgage, job, kids….getting a little grey around the edges, a little “snow on the roof”?

grey blend, grey hair, hair color

Add a little pepper to your salt…

Time to non-commit with a grey blending.  In a few short minutes, ten to be exact, your stylist can determine the correct formula to “darken down” that grey and blend away as much, or as little, as you want.  As for the non-committal part, (here come the technical terms) a grey blending is a semi-permanent hair color which simply means you’re not commited because it gradually lifts with each shampoo, leaving  a very natural look, with no lines of demarcation, until you’re ready to non-commit again.
So chill out, give your Fritz’s stylist ten minutes and she’ll give you ten years….no strings!


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