6 Qualities of the Best Hair Salons in Louisville

6 Qualities of the Best Hair Salons in Louisville

When searching for a salon, there is no shortage of choices. It seems there are salons on every corner. What makes a salon stand out amongst its competitors and give it staying power? After years of watching salons come and go, I’ve identified 6 qualities shared by top salons.best hair salon louisville

  1. It’s all about YOU. The salon is there to serve you, not the other way around. Top salons go out of their way to make you feel special. Every team member, from guest services to technicians makes it clear they are there to serve you. We’ve all had salon experiences where we listened to a stylist drone on endlessly about their personal dramas, or felt like we were interrupting the receptionist’s web-browsing to book an appointment. Top salons are grateful that you chose to entrust your grooming needs to them and show that appreciation in everything they do.
  2. Top salons do not use paying guests as practice mannequins. It takes practice and experience to become a proficient haircutter. An established skills certification program ensures technicians are not performing services on paying guests until they can consistently meet the quality standards of the salon.
  3. They care enough to clean. Inviting clients into a salon is like having guests in your home. A clean salon shows respect for the guest and pride in one’s workplace.


  1. It’s a business not a hobby. Top salons take their business seriously. They implement processes to ensure consistency of services, regardless of the service provider. The quality of your experience at a salon should not be hit or miss. You deserve excellence EVERY time.
  2. They embrace technology, but keep it personal. Top salons use technology to their advantage and yours. Online booking, automated appointment reminders and digital service notes are just a few of the features that increase salon efficiency. But while the best salons utilize cutting edge technology, they maintain the personal touch. Phones are answered by well-informed guest coordinators, not automated attendants, and you are always greeted with a smile, not a sign-in sheet.
  3. They don’t have to fake it. Top salons have a culture of teamwork and service. They love what they do and positive energy fills the space. There is no substitute for a team sharing mutual respect and common goals.

Those are my top 6. And while they may seem obvious, they are all too rare. What qualities would you add to the list?


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