Beating Bacne

People often have trouble maintaining a skin care regimen for their backs since the back is pretty hard to reach on your own. Back facials can help reduce clogged pores which causes the ‘bacne’.
During the back facial your skin will get cleansed, exfoliated, extractions if needed, a relaxing back massage, toned and moisturized. While a back facial might sound silly, this spa treatment can actually be quite beneficial. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and hydrated after this service. We also offer a mini back facial with our massage customization’s. Add this service onto your 60 or 90 minute massage to have all the relaxing benefits of a massage along with nice skin as well!

Brushing up on brush care

If you enjoy using a shaving brush make sure you protect your investment. Here are the do’s and don’ts of brush care.

Quality shaving brushes are made using badger hair, held by glue. After shaving, rinse the shaving cream from the brush and shake off excess water. Never stand your wet brush facing upwards. Water will seep into the handle breaking down the glue and the hairs will start to fall out. Instead, use a stand or hang the brush on a hook in a well-ventilated area.

Follow these tips and your brush will last many years. shaving brush

Why you need a pedicure


Forget what you think you know about pedicures. They are not just for the “well-heeled” man. Yes, they are relaxing but they also have a purpose. Maintaining the cuticles, keeping the nails trimmed and clean helps nails from becoming ingrown and causing infection. It also helps ward off disease and foot odor. Exfoliation of dead skin cells will slow down and possibly stop calluses from forming. Not to mention women are not too keen on getting “clawed” in the middle of the night by your talons nor do they appreciate you messing up their fine sheets with your sand paper feet. The benefits are all in YOUR favor. Still a skeptic? Did I mention that you also get a foot massage?pedicure

Points Watch–The Easiest Way to Earn Points!

Get the most from Fritz’s Rewards with this tip!

Everyone earns one point for each dollar spent on products or services at Fritz’s. Rewards are available once you reach 500 points, but many guys don’t spend $500 a year at Fritz’s so to hit the rewards level you need to pick up points in other ways.

The easiest way to pick up extra points is by booking your next appointment before you leave Fritz’s. We call this pre-booking and when you come in for that pre-booked appointment, not only will you get 1 point for each dollar you spend, you’ll get a bonus 200 points! With pre-booking, it’s easy to earn your way up to the higher rewards.

Many guys find it difficult to commit to their next appointment 4 weeks in advance due to travel schedules and the chaos we call life. We try to make it easier for you by offering email and text message appointment reminders both one week and two days in advance. If you find that the time doesn’t work for you, a quick email or phone call will get it changed and you’ll keep your pre-book status so you get those extra points when you do come in!
Give pre-booking a try and earn points faster!

Wax on, Wax off … Body Waxing Basics

body wax, hair removal, back wax

So you’re leary about trying waxing? Well yes, it does hurt. BUT the benefits are definitely worth it. Waxing damages your hair follicles and makes the hair grow back a lot slower and a lot less thicker. You’ll notice a difference in the thickness after just one or two sessions.
After your first waxing you will begin to see some regrowth in about 2 weeks. Since the hair needs to be one-quarter to one-half inch long to wax again, you need to be on about a 4-6 week schedule to keep up with the waxing.
As far as irritation goes you will leave red and bumpy, very normal. How long it stays irritated depends on how sensitive your skin is but 1-2 days is normal. We recommend an after-wax product called Tendskin to ease discomfort and prevent infection.
Unfortunately the hair always grows back. Expensive laser treatments are the only thing that completely kills the hair follicle, but waxing is a great economic alternative! With shaving it grows back in a matter of days or even hours and the waxing last weeks. So come on in and give us 30 minutes of your time and we promise we won’t give you a Steve Carrell man-o-lantern. 

body wax, hair removal, back wax

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Time to Use Those Rewards Points!

Hopefully you know by now that each time you visit Fritz’s you earn Fritz’s Rewards points for every dollar you spend on products and services. Points accumulated in one calendar year expire on March 31 of the next, so all those 2012 Rewards Points need to be used within the next 6 weeks or they’re gone forever!

If you’re a dad whose boys also receive services at Fritz’s, our salon coordinators will be happy to transfer the boys’ points to your account so you can spend them all. We will also combined points earned at separate locations to a single account for redemption.
Thank you

So, what can you get with points? Here’s the rundown.

Redemptions start at the 500 level. (If you didn’t make it to 500 this year, take note…when you prebook your next appointment at the time of service, you earn 200 extra points when you come in for that appointment).

500 points gets you:
$5 off a single product
An extended scalp massage added on to a Fritz’s Haircut
$5 off any spa service or body wax

At the 1,500 point level you may receive:
Complimentary eyebrow wax
Thermal Hand Treatment
$15 off any spa service or body wax

3,000 Points:
Grey Blending
Stress-buster 15-minute massage
$30 off any spa service or body wax

4,500 Points:
30-minute massage
Customized Facial
$45 off a 60 or 90-minute massage

7,000 Points:
60-minute massage
$75 off a 90-minute massage

10,000 Points:
90-minute massage

$59 Massages are Back!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the $59 massage is back. You may purchase up to three massages at this price and have a full year to use them. This offer is only good until Valentine’s Day so don’t miss out!
$59 massage special

Fritz’s Favorites Gifts for Guys- Part V – eShave

Looking for a gift he’ll enjoy every day?Luxury shaving products from eShave are the answer!
gifts for him
We are proud to offer the finest shaving products including shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving oil, after shave balm, after shave lotion, artistically designed badger shaving brush and luxury razors.
Using a shaving brush softens and lifts the beard so he gets a close, irritation-free shave. The eShave Start Up Kit is a great introduction to wet shaving and includes:
eshave start up kit
– 1/2 oz Pre Shave Oil
– 1oz Shaving Cream
– 1oz After Shave Cream
– Starter Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush
– Water Resistant Black Toiletry Bag
It’s a $70.50 value for just $55.
eshave travel kitA TSA-approved travel kit is also available for $40.

Fritz’s Favorite Gifts for Guys Part IV – Gifts for the Young Adult

Do you have a young adult on your holiday gift list? Perhaps he’s ready to leave college behind and get his first “real” job. If he’s been sporting the shaggy college student look it may be time to update his appearance so he’s ready for prime time.
gifts for college guys
Fritz’s can help him make the transition by giving him a haircut that is professional by day and still stylish and fun.

We can also help with the grooming details that complete his professional appearance. A manicure and shoe shine prior to a job interview help him make a great first impression.
Through Christmas, we’ll add a $20 bonus to each $100 gift card purchase so stuff his holiday stocking with a gift card from Fritz’s!

Fritz’s Favorite Gifts for Guys Part III – Gifts for Older Gentlemen

If you are struggling for gift ideas for an older gentlemen, we can help! A professional pedicure at Fritz’s is something he will thoroughly enjoy.pedicures for men
Face it, as we get older there are some things we just can’t do as well. Decreased flexibility can make it difficult to clip toenails and declining vision makes it hard to see what you’re doing. With a pedicure, he can sit back, relax and watch TV while we cleanse, buff and file. And at Fritz’s nail services are provided in our spa, away from the activity of the salon.