A Tip on Tipping

tips, gratuity

Guests often ask us what the appropriate amount of gratuity is. Like most salons and barber shops Fritz’s does allow tipping. However, whether or not to tip, and how much, is entirely up to you.

Tip amounts vary but typically are about 15% – 20% of the service amount – comparable to what you would leave at a restaurant.

When tipping in cash, feel free to give it directly to your technician or leave it with our Salon Coordinator at check-out.

tips, gratuity, how much to tip your hair stylist

She will make sure your technician receives it, and knows who it is from. If you prefer, you may also leave gratuity on a credit card or check.

Again, gratuity is entirely voluntary. You’ll get the same great service regardless of your tipping choice. And no matter the form or amount of a tip, it is always greatly appreciated.

Blast the Years Away

By: Samantha Neathery

If the guying looking back at you in the mirror has aged too much for your liking, you may want to consider microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a quick non-invasive procedure that resurfaces the skin. It removes the top layer of skin by ‘sandblasting’ it with medical grade crystals, revealing younger looking skin below (It’s kind of like power washing your deck to remove stains and brighten it up). It is successful in dramatically reducing scarring, large pores, pigmentation spots, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and tone. The crystals remove dead skin cells which promote new, smoother clearer skin.

For best results a series of 6 treatments approximately 2-3 weeks apart is recommended. The treatment itself takes only about 30 minutes so it’s easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. Mild redness is to be expected for a few hours after the treatment, along with a feeling of mild sunburn or windburn. Avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours and any type of exfoliation after the treatment. While microderm is not recommended for clients with sensitive skin, severe acne, or rosacea, it  is one the most effective and beneficial ways to maintain healthy skin.

Fritz’s offers Microdermabrasion at our Hurstbourne facility. Skincare consultions are always free, so just ask for me (Samantha) when you come in and we’ll see if microderm may be right for you.

Be a Mo Bro…Grow a Mo this Movember

Movember...Changing the face of men's health

Watch this 3 minute video to learn what Movember is all about. Then consider joining the Fritz’s Team.

What’s the big deal about “sulfate free”?

sulphate free shampoo

Sulfates are the primary detergents that make shampoos, body washes and other cleansers foam and lather. They decrease the surface tension of the water so that it spreads out easily and allow the water to adhere to the dirt and grime so they can be removed from your hair and scalp.

However, sulfates dehydrate the sebaceous gland and strip your hair of moisture and other essential oils.  They also damage your hair follicles and may contribute to hair loss.  Sodium lauryl sulfate, for instance, is extremely harmful to exposed hair follicles as they may become clogged.sulphate free shampoo

If you switch to a sulphate free shampoo and miss that rich lather and “squeaky clean” feeling, just remember that “squeaky clean” means your hair has been stripped of essential oils, and lather is not essential to cleaning. Sulfate free shampoos like those offered by J Beverly Hills and DS Laboratories use natural ingredients to cleanse the hair and create lather without causing the irreversible damage caused by using of a sulfate-based shampoo.

By: Tracy Maloney

Sweet Talk

By: Leah Heightchew

cookies baked fresh daily

When you walk through the door at Fritz’s it’s hard to resist the smell of warm, freshly baked cookies. That’s probably why between both locations we bake roughly 2,400 cookies EVERY month!

As a salon coordinator who spends her days sitting up front with a plate of these warm delicious treats, I spend most of my time fighting temptation and keeping the platter full of our current seasonal flavor.

We are often asked whether we bake the cookies here and which flavors are the favorites. Yes, we bake several trays every day – that fresh-baked cookie smell is authentic, not air freshener! Over the years we have found that chocolate chip (obviously), gingerbread, and red white and blue are among the biggest hits with our guests.

Many of you joke that you only come to Fritz’s for a beverage and a few of our signature cookies. However we like to think that it really adds a warm touch to an already great experience.

How to Hang onto Summer

By: Carolyn McMullen

The season’s end is upon us and the days are getting shorter but if you’re not quite ready highlights for men are sexyto give up on summer here’s a little tip to keep that tan you worked so hard on. A few strategically placed highlights can brighten up your summer look and keep it going for several more weeks. Lets face it the season may officially end on Labor Day but the official end of summer isn’t until the 21st. Talk to your stylist…we don’t just do haircuts!

Hey Fritz’s! Why no face shaves?

face shave

We get this question a lot. While we would love to offer a face shaving service at Fritzs, it is simply a matter of licensing regulations. Traditionally, cosmetology, which is what all our Fritz’s stylists are licensed under, refers to beauty or adornment of the face and hair. face shaveBarbering is the profession of cutting hair and shaving or trimming the beard. While some services may be interchangeable as of recent years between the two professions, (i.e. neck shaves as a part of the haircut), most states keep clear licensing restrictions against cosmetologists offering face shaves. This service is also something most barbers are fighting to keep exclusive, as they feel this is the one last things that sets them apart.

To further complicate the issue, Kentucky regulations prohibit barbers and cosmetologists from sharing space, requiring separate plumbing, among other things. If the regulations change to allow cosmetologists to become certified in shaving, or allow barbers to work side by side with cosmetologists, we’ll add face shaves to our menu in a heartbeat!

Tracy Maloney

How to look great between haircuts

tighten the edges, look good between cutsBy: Vanessa Lucchese

So the first thing you notice when your hair starts to grow out is that it touches the top of your ear and that fuzz on the back of your neck drives you crazy! You’re not ready for a full haircut, you just need to be cleaned up a bit. That’s where Fritz’s comes in.

Between haircuts we provide one Tighten the Edges Service absolutely free! Better yet, it only takes 5-10 minutes of your time and you don’t need an appointment. Just walk in when it’s convenient for you.

The Tighten the Edges includes using the trimmer to clean up around your ears, neckline, and sideburns, followed by a straight razor neck shave.

So don’t let those hairs brushing your ears bug you and please don’t try to shave your own neck! Just remember at Fritz’s we’re here to take care of you and keep you looking fresh from cut to cut.


Will my stylist be insulted if I bring in a photo of what I want?

So you want to look like Brad Pitt.  Is this Legends of The Fall Brad, Pre-Angelina Brad, or Six kids later Brad?  Celebrities change hair styles as often as they change girlfriends (or wives for that matter).

men's haircut

Your stylist will be better at obtaining the exact style if you bring a picture of the haircut you are trying to replicate.  So cut a picture out, pull one up on your phone, or bring in a magazine.  From one picture alone we can tell how long it is, what tool was used to cut it, and which product will work best for it.

50 Shades – And They Don’t Need to be Grey

So time is taking its toll? Or maybe it’s not time but all those commitments:  mortgage, job, kids….getting a little grey around the edges, a little “snow on the roof”? Read More