The Fritz’s Difference

“From the time you walk into the door, the staff makes you feel welcomed.”

“While it is an upscale place, it didn’t feel stuffy.”

“Honestly didn’t want to leave because of how relaxing the experience was.”

“Friendly and customer centered staff.”

“The atmosphere of their facility is very relaxed and it feels like ‘home’.”

Our client agree that Fritz’s is “different.” But what makes us different? We have an unwavering commitment to client service. Each member of our team is committed to making every client experience great.

Our culture (and compensation model) supports team service. Can’t get an appointment with your favorite stylist? It’s OK to try others on our team. We don’t mind it–in fact we encourage it! Our entire team is at your service.

Guests will sometimes worry about seeing another service provider because they don’t want their “regular” provider to lose out on commission. At Fritz’s that’s never a problem because we don’t pay commission. Not on services, not on products. Everyone on our team is paid a salary. This means no matter what is going on; whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid. It means no one will try to sell you a product or service you don’t need in order to earn a commission. And it means there’s no such thing as “cheating on your stylist” because we want you to visit when it’s convenient to you, no matter which provider serves you.

Removing commission removes many of the barriers to excellent client service. That’s what our clients experience when they say “Fritz’s just feels different.”

Feed a cold, starve a fever?

“Feed a cold, starve a fever,” the old wive’s tale says. Well, I don’t know if there is any truth to that, but I know that at Fritz’s we do everything we can to stay healthy during cold and flu season. We reimburse team members for their flu shots, and believe me, we sanitize like we’re OCD.

To help us with our goal of keeping Fritz’s a healthy place, please reschedule your appointment if you are sick or running a fever. Thanks, and be well.

Points Watch–The Easiest Way to Earn Points!

Get the most from Fritz’s Rewards with this tip!

Everyone earns one point for each dollar spent on products or services at Fritz’s. Rewards are available once you reach 500 points, but many guys don’t spend $500 a year at Fritz’s so to hit the rewards level you need to pick up points in other ways.

The easiest way to pick up extra points is by booking your next appointment before you leave Fritz’s. We call this pre-booking and when you come in for that pre-booked appointment, not only will you get 1 point for each dollar you spend, you’ll get a bonus 200 points! With pre-booking, it’s easy to earn your way up to the higher rewards.

Many guys find it difficult to commit to their next appointment 4 weeks in advance due to travel schedules and the chaos we call life. We try to make it easier for you by offering email and text message appointment reminders both one week and two days in advance. If you find that the time doesn’t work for you, a quick email or phone call will get it changed and you’ll keep your pre-book status so you get those extra points when you do come in!
Give pre-booking a try and earn points faster!

Time to Use Those Rewards Points!

Hopefully you know by now that each time you visit Fritz’s you earn Fritz’s Rewards points for every dollar you spend on products and services. Points accumulated in one calendar year expire on March 31 of the next, so all those 2012 Rewards Points need to be used within the next 6 weeks or they’re gone forever!

If you’re a dad whose boys also receive services at Fritz’s, our salon coordinators will be happy to transfer the boys’ points to your account so you can spend them all. We will also combined points earned at separate locations to a single account for redemption.
Thank you

So, what can you get with points? Here’s the rundown.

Redemptions start at the 500 level. (If you didn’t make it to 500 this year, take note…when you prebook your next appointment at the time of service, you earn 200 extra points when you come in for that appointment).

500 points gets you:
$5 off a single product
An extended scalp massage added on to a Fritz’s Haircut
$5 off any spa service or body wax

At the 1,500 point level you may receive:
Complimentary eyebrow wax
Thermal Hand Treatment
$15 off any spa service or body wax

3,000 Points:
Grey Blending
Stress-buster 15-minute massage
$30 off any spa service or body wax

4,500 Points:
30-minute massage
Customized Facial
$45 off a 60 or 90-minute massage

7,000 Points:
60-minute massage
$75 off a 90-minute massage

10,000 Points:
90-minute massage

Join us for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sits Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to helping small businesses and their communities.

Fritz’s is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday this year and we want to invite you to shop small with us on November 24th.

Small business saturday offer

Fritz’s has gifts he’ll enjoy every day…luxury shaving products from eShave, fog-free shave mirrors and the RazorPit razor blade sharpener. Or maybe he’s been thinking about purchasing the DS Laboratories system for thinning hair. Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to buy.

Get a $25 American Express statement credit when you enroll your card online ( and spend $25 or more at a participating merchant (like Fritz’s) on November 24.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like Fritz’s and please don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!

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Fritz's encourages men to cheat

Believe it or not, it’s true. Fritz’s Salon & Spa for Men is going on record. We want you to cheat.

Now, we don’t want  you to cheat on your taxes because if you get caught and thrown in the slammer your hair is not going to look good for a very long time.

it's ok to cheat on your stylist

No need to hide…

We certainly don’t want you to cheat on your spouse, that is ALWAYS a no-no. We do, however, encourage you to cheat on your stylist! Yes, you heard right. We are here to serve you, not the other way around. If, for whatever reason, you can’t get in to see your usual stylist, it is more than okay to schedule with another. It’s not okay to make a business trip or go on an important interview looking sub-par.

So don’t cheat yourself out of looking awesome, just go ahead and cheat on your stylist. Come on…you know you want to 🙂

Who is Fritz’s Best Stylist?

“Who is the best?” is a question our salon coordinators are often asked when booking appointments.

While I wanted to remain anonymous for my blog posts, I will admit I am the Stylist Manager at our Hurstbourne location.  With that being said, I find that I am very qualified to write on this subject.  I have to say skill-wise absolutely every stylist is our best stylist.  Fritz’s owner and management team have made a commitment that every stylist at Fritz’s is 100% trained and qualified to give an amazing men’s haircut!  As our name Fritz’s Salon and Spa FOR MEN would indicate, we only work on male clientele.  So we have A LOT of experience in this area.

which stylist is the best

Mellow Mom, Kristina

The one way we all differ, that makes us not any less of a stylist but a better fit with clients, is our personalities. I think personality can determine who is the best stylist for you.  We cross the spectrum on great personalities– we have boisterous and mellow, full speed ahead and laid back, moms and single ladies.  It is a mixture that for years has proven to make a wonderful, fun environment of different choices for our clients.

One thing you will find here is that we openly invite you to try out different stylists to see who is the best fit for your hair and your time spent in our salon.

And FYI — I am the mellow, laid back, mom that thinks she’s a pretty amazing stylist 😉

Shoe Shines…We Do ’em

shoe shine

If you are a long time Fritz’s client you may remember that fancy shoe shine chair that resided in the lobby of our Hurstbourne location,

shoe shine

Look good head to toe

reminding you to have your shoes shined to go along with your fresh new haircut.  Well, the chair is long gone, but we still do shoe shines at both locations! The service is $4 for a pair of shoes and we have no limit as to how many you bring.  Kill two birds with one stone and get your shoes shined while you’re getting your haircut!

A Tip on Tipping

tips, gratuity

Guests often ask us what the appropriate amount of gratuity is. Like most salons and barber shops Fritz’s does allow tipping. However, whether or not to tip, and how much, is entirely up to you.

Tip amounts vary but typically are about 15% – 20% of the service amount – comparable to what you would leave at a restaurant.

When tipping in cash, feel free to give it directly to your technician or leave it with our Salon Coordinator at check-out.

tips, gratuity, how much to tip your hair stylist

She will make sure your technician receives it, and knows who it is from. If you prefer, you may also leave gratuity on a credit card or check.

Again, gratuity is entirely voluntary. You’ll get the same great service regardless of your tipping choice. And no matter the form or amount of a tip, it is always greatly appreciated.