Don’t Let Green Be Your Summer Shade

By Dana Barker

If you’re planning on spending your summer in the pool there are a few things you can do to prevent getting that hint of green to your blonde locks from the chlorinated water.chloride damages hair It’s not too complicated, just get your hair wet before you dive in! Dip your head in the sink, hop in the shower or carry a spray bottle in your gym bag. Your porous hair will be filled with good water, leaving not as much room for the chlorine to soak in.
After swimming, if available a quick rinse would be ideal. If not, you want to be sure you get a shampoo and condition in at night. The longer the chemicals sit on your hair the worse. I always suggest a clarifying shampoo as a weekly treatment. To clarify, this should only be done once maybe twice a week. You don’t want to over do it and strip out too many of the good oils from your hair, just the icky chlorine. If you have colored, highlighted or any bleached out hair a blue-tinted shampoo like J Beverly Hill’s Blonde Shampoo is great to use to brighten your blonde and knock out any gold or green tones you may have.
To wrap it all up, take care of your hair this summer. Shampoo and condition daily. These are some products I’d recommend for the summer:

J. Beverly Hills Clarifier Shampoo
J. Beverly Hills Blonde Shampoo
J. Beverly Hills Everyday Conditioner
J. Beverly Hills Leave On Conditioner
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