Gift Ideas Under $100

Great Gifts

Here are a few of our favorite gifts under $100.

  1. The Deluxe Shavewell Fog Free Shave Mirror – For just $13, this mirror makes a great gift that he will enjoy every day. A must for every shower-shaver.
  2. Razor Pit Blade Sharpener – Make your blade last 10x longer with the razor pit sharpener. The device cleans the blades, removing hair, oil, and other gunk that prevents a close shave. At $25 it pays for itself quickly.
  3. The Dermalogica Skin Kit is a bargain at $30, even without the 30-minute facial! He will enjoy a professional skincare service and take home a 30-day supply of Dermalogica products.
  4. The eShave Start-up Kit provides a great introduction to using a shaving brush. The shaving brush helps stand the beard up for a closer shave, and keeps the skin warm for less irritation. The kit comes complete with Pre-shave oil, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, a pure badger hair brush, and travel bag.
  5. Therapeutic Massage is our most popular gift. A one-hour customized massage is $75. Gift cards may be purchased in store or online and during the holidays we have some great bonuses with gift card purchases.


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