Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re concerned about hair loss you’re not alone. By age 35, two thirds of men will have some noticeable hair loss and by age 50, 85% will have significant thinning. Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition so the sooner you start fighting back, the better.

Like you, we are skeptical of hair loss remedies. The hair loss industry as a whole has less than stellar reputation After all this is the industry that gave us spray-on hair. Over the years we’ve been asked to carry a number of products claiming to regrow hair and after performing our own due diligence, have chosen to pass. So we didn’t have high hopes when approached about a hair regrowth system by DS Laboratories.

Unlike DS Labs clinical trials, our test was not scientific. Frankly, we don’t care if a microscope can detect increased hair growth…we only care if there is a noticeable difference to the naked eye. And as our before and after photos show, this stuff really works.

These photos were taken on Day 1 and Day 90.

The science of why it works is explained ad nauseum at Science geeks – you will love their site. Meanwhile, here’s a watered down list of a few of the features we love:

  1. Nanosome technology –Nanosomes hold all the active ingredients and slowly release them over 10-12 hours. With two applications per day, you receive active benefits 24/7. And because nanosomes are 200 times smaller than a skin cell they penetrate the skin and deliver the active ingredients deeper for better results. Other topical products sit on top of the skin and provide benefit for about 15 minutes.
  2. A couple of years ago DS Laboratories switched from a minoxidil treatment to one using Nanoxidil. The minoxidil works only a certain parts of the scalp and some users experienced uncomfortable side effects. The Nanoxidil used in DS Labs treatments is water-based, not alcohol-based. This means better absorption, less irritation.
  3. Teamwork – While the apple polyphenols in the shampoo are encouraging growth along the frontal hairline, spin traps eliminate free radicals that damage cells. Amino acids support creation of keratin thus increasing hair shaft diameter.
    Meanwhile, the conditioner is fighting DHT with a formulation of tiny particles that deliver benefits 12 hours after the product is rinsed from the hair. Add the treatment into the mix with it’s pharmaceutical grade, water-based, nanoxidil and the results we’ve seen look less like a miracle and more like the best science has to offer.
  4. At Fritz’s, we guarantee all the products we sell and we appreciate manufacturers that do the same. DS Laboratories guarantees results. Try DS Labs for 90 days and if not satisfied, they will refund 100% of your money (keep your empty bottles for the guarantee).


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