Hey Fritz’s! Why no face shaves?

We get this question a lot. While we would love to offer a face shaving service at Fritzs, it is simply a matter of licensing regulations. Traditionally, cosmetology, which is what all our Fritz’s stylists are licensed under, refers to beauty or adornment of the face and hair. face shaveBarbering is the profession of cutting hair and shaving or trimming the beard. While some services may be interchangeable as of recent years between the two professions, (i.e. neck shaves as a part of the haircut), most states keep clear licensing restrictions against cosmetologists offering face shaves. This service is also something most barbers are fighting to keep exclusive, as they feel this is the one last things that sets them apart.

To further complicate the issue, Kentucky regulations prohibit barbers and cosmetologists from sharing space, requiring separate plumbing, among other things. If the regulations change to allow cosmetologists to become certified in shaving, or allow barbers to work side by side with cosmetologists, we’ll add face shaves to our menu in a heartbeat!

Tracy Maloney


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