Let’s Heat Things Up!

If you’ve ever had a massage you understand how great it feels to have all those muscle knots worked out. But did you know that by adding heat to your massage you may get even better results? Here’s why.

  1. Heat = Relaxation. Heat is great for getting a deep muscle massage without the “hurt” of a deep massage. What I mean by that is, by adding heat, the sensory receptors in your skin are stimulated and in turn decrease pain receptors. Massage itself decreases stress and tension in the muscles by increasing circulation. When heat is added, the blood vessels dilate and increase oxygen flow to muscles which causes further relaxation than with massage alone. And with more relaxed muscles, your therapist can make more progress on those knots.
  2. Heat = Healing. Heat helps heal damaged tissues from common overexertion injuries, chronic injuries and recent injuries that are in late stages of healing (past the ice stage). Heat helps injuries that are no longer swollen by reducing discomfort, pain and stiffness. If you have come for a sports massage or have a specific area or injury  bothering you, ask your massage therapist if adding heat would benefit you.

At Fritz’s Deep Heat may be added to any 60 or 90 minute massage. We use steam packs heated in water over an extended period of time. The packs themselves cover the shoulder/back area and will hold heat for over 30 minutes, which makes them much more beneficial than hot stones, which heat only a small area and lose their heat within minutes.

Whether you just want to relax in your massage, or want the therapeutic effect of heat, try our “Deep Heat” add-on service for only $5!!

By: Morgan Calkin, Licensed Massage Therapist


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