There are so many skin care products on the market – what do they all do?

  • Cleanser – Cleansers are used twice a day to unblock pores and remove dirt. The proper cleanser for your skin condition will counteract various skin problems. Using an inappropriate cleanser may result in break-outs or excessive dryness.
  • Exfoliant – Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells on the surface of the skin resulting in smoother skin that retains moisture better. Regular exfoliation will also help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Toner – Toner is a liquid that tones and tightens the skin. It returns the skin to it’s natural pH.
  • Masques – Masques are used periodically (usually weekly or bi-weekly) to tighten, tone and nourish the skin. The masque you use will depend upon your skin condition and your goals. Anti-bacterial masques are used for acne-prone skin, deep hydration masques for dry skin, and multi-vitamin masques for aging or sun-damaged skin.
  • Moisturizer – Moisturizer should be used daily, even on break-out prone skin. Oily skin that is not properly hydrated will produce more oil, exacerbating the problem. Moisturizers range from extremely hydrating to oil-control. Many also include sun protection.

What can I expect when getting a facial?

At Fritz’s we believe each individual needs to be involved in their skin treatment plan. Upon arrival, our Salon Coordinator will ask you to complete a questionnaire which will be reviewed by our Licensed Esthetician during your consultation. Our Esthetician will create a treatment plan that targets problem areas discussed in your consultation, and fits your lifestyle.

Facials are provided in a private treatment room designed to soothe and relax. Your facial will include a deep cleansing and exfoliation, along with a steam treatment to open pores. Manual extractions will be performed, if necessary, followed by a masque appropriate for your skin condition and goals. As the masque dries close your eyes and enjoy a hand and arm massage. After the masque is removed, a moisturizer is massaged into the skin.
Our Esthetician has an arsenal of professional strength Dermalogica® products to tackle any of your skincare concerns. From powerful exfoliants to vitamin-rich rejuvenating treatments, she can help you meet your skincare goals.