Sweet Talk

By: Leah Heightchew

cookies baked fresh daily

When you walk through the door at Fritz’s it’s hard to resist the smell of warm, freshly baked cookies. That’s probably why between both locations we bake roughly 2,400 cookies EVERY month!

As a salon coordinator who spends her days sitting up front with a plate of these warm delicious treats, I spend most of my time fighting temptation and keeping the platter full of our current seasonal flavor.

We are often asked whether we bake the cookies here and which flavors are the favorites. Yes, we bake several trays every day – that fresh-baked cookie smell is authentic, not air freshener! Over the years we have found that chocolate chip (obviously), gingerbread, and red white and blue are among the biggest hits with our guests.

Many of you joke that you only come to Fritz’s for a beverage and a few of our signature cookies. However we like to think that it really adds a warm touch to an already great experience.


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