Worried about data security?

Many of our guests would love the convenience of a membership, but are hesitant to have their credit card “on file” for the monthly billing. With all the data breaches in the news recently, we certainly understand that reluctance. Let me explain how our automated billing process works and hopefully set some minds at ease.credit cards

Fritz’s does not maintain any credit card numbers in our system. We partner with our credit card processor, Element Payment Services, which provides tokenization. Tokenization works by moving actual cardholder data offsite to a PCI DSS compliant storage facility. Element’s tokenization servers then return a unique reference pointer (or token) to Fritz’s software application. Using the token (which contains no actual cardholder data itself), your membership account can be securely billed each month.

In our membership module, we can see the last four digits of the credit card number, which is useful when communicating with clients who may wish to change their payment card or verify which card will be charged, but no other credit card information resides on our system.

So if you’ve been on the fence about becoming a member due to security concerns, I hope this information helps. Remember, when you become a gold or relax member you enjoy the convenience of automatic monthly billing, special pricing on retail purchases and skin and nail care, and exclusive quarterly members-only bonuses. Join in January and you’ll also receive a bonus $25 service voucher!