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  1. What are the coupons that new clients get in their gift bag?
    • A new client gets 3 coupons to be used on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd visits. The 1st Visit Coupon is for 20% of retail. The technician should be telling them about this before they come up to pay.
    • The 2nd Visit Coupon is for a complimentary service with a paid service. They may choose from a Free Brow Wax, Mustache or Beard Trim, Paraffin with Mani or Pedi, Customization with Massage, or Upgrade to Fritz’s with purchase of Classic.
    • The 3rd Visit Coupon is for 20% off any service they have not yet experienced.
  2. What are the $5 Fritz’s Bucks used for?
    • The Fritz’s Bucks are given to any NEW client who prebooks at his first visit. If he doesn’t prebook, Kristin will send him a postcard in a couple of weeks that includes $5 off his next visit. So either way, we are giving him $5 off to come back in, we just use the Fritz’s Bucks as an immediate incentive for prebooking.
  3. How do Half-Saturdays Work? If it gets taken away because we’re busy do I get another one?
    • Half-Saturdays are a nice gift from the gods that will sometimes appear on your schedule if we appear to have more stylists than we need on a Saturday afternoon. Half Saturdays are IN ADDITION TO your normal Saturdays off, so if you are eligible for 12 Saturdays off per month, any halves that appear are extra. Half Saturdays are not a guarantee. If we are busy, the front desk will begin unblocking you from the top, as needed. Half Saturdays that end up being booked are not replaced with another 1/2 day. It’s just a bummer. We urge you not to make plans for your 1/2 day because you never know how the day will play out.

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