The Fritz’s Difference

“From the time you walk into the door, the staff makes you feel welcomed.”

“While it is an upscale place, it didn’t feel stuffy.”

“Honestly didn’t want to leave because of how relaxing the experience was.”

“Friendly and customer centered staff.”

“The atmosphere of their facility is very relaxed and it feels like ‘home’.”

Our client agree that Fritz’s is “different.” But what makes us different? We have an unwavering commitment to client service. Each member of our team is committed to making every client experience great.

Our culture (and compensation model) supports team service. Can’t get an appointment with your favorite stylist? It’s OK to try others on our team. We don’t mind it–in fact we encourage it! Our entire team is at your service.

Guests will sometimes worry about seeing another service provider because they don’t want their “regular” provider to lose out on commission. At Fritz’s that’s never a problem because we don’t pay commission. Not on services, not on products. Everyone on our team is paid a salary. This means no matter what is going on; whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid. It means no one will try to sell you a product or service you don’t need in order to earn a commission. And it means there’s no such thing as “cheating on your stylist” because we want you to visit when it’s convenient to you, no matter which provider serves you.

Removing commission removes many of the barriers to excellent client service. That’s what our clients experience when they say “Fritz’s just feels different.”


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