Who is Fritz’s Best Stylist?

“Who is the best?” is a question our salon coordinators are often asked when booking appointments.

While I wanted to remain anonymous for my blog posts, I will admit I am the Stylist Manager at our Hurstbourne location.  With that being said, I find that I am very qualified to write on this subject.  I have to say skill-wise absolutely every stylist is our best stylist.  Fritz’s owner and management team have made a commitment that every stylist at Fritz’s is 100% trained and qualified to give an amazing men’s haircut!  As our name Fritz’s Salon and Spa FOR MEN would indicate, we only work on male clientele.  So we have A LOT of experience in this area.

which stylist is the best

Mellow Mom, Kristina

The one way we all differ, that makes us not any less of a stylist but a better fit with clients, is our personalities. I think personality can determine who is the best stylist for you.  We cross the spectrum on great personalities– we have boisterous and mellow, full speed ahead and laid back, moms and single ladies.  It is a mixture that for years has proven to make a wonderful, fun environment of different choices for our clients.

One thing you will find here is that we openly invite you to try out different stylists to see who is the best fit for your hair and your time spent in our salon.

And FYI — I am the mellow, laid back, mom that thinks she’s a pretty amazing stylist 😉

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Tony Santamassino said:

September 2, 2013 at 12:30 pm

I have been coming to Fritz’s for about 10 years. I have been a client of four different stylists as well as an aesthetician.
My experience has always been outstanding but I must admit I have been “seeing” Kristina Reed for about 5 or 6 years and she has been the best. She listens to my requests, responds and makes product recommendations when appropriate. Her manner and demeanor are always professional yet warm and welcoming. I have come to consider Kristina as a friend. I have celebrated the births of her children and enjoyed exchanging pet stories about her dog, Tank, and my shih-tsu, Snuggles.
The entire staff is always warm, welcoming and helpful and Kristina is the best.

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