How soon before an event should I get a haircut?

So you're getting hitched, or maybe you're getting those forever-displayed senior photos taken. Whatever the occasion you want your hair to looks it's best.

As a general rule we recommend a haircut about one to two weeks before your event. That said, some guys love the look of a super fresh cut; others don't want that "I just got a haircut" look so base your decision on what makes you feel the best and most confident.

If you do decide to plan your cut a couple of weeks ahead of your event, you may find that your sideburns are getting a little out of control and your neckline isn't so sharp anymore. Now before you take that Gillette to the back of your neck, don't forget about our complimentary Tighten the Edges service. In about 10 minutes we will tame those sideburns, clean up those pesky hairs tickling your ears, straighten up that neckline and finish off with our famous straight razor shave on your neck so you're ready for your Kodak moment.