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Body Waxing Basics

So you're leery about trying waxing? Well yes, it is uncomfortable. BUT the benefits are definitely worth it. Waxing damages your hair follicles and makes the hair grow back a lot slower and a lot less thick. You'll notice a difference in the thickness after just one or two sessions.

After your first waxing you will begin to see some regrowth in about 2 weeks. Since the hair needs to be one-quarter to one-half inch long to wax again, you need to be on about a 4-6 week schedule to keep up with the waxing. Each successive waxing gets a little easier than the prior.

As far as irritation goes you will leave red and bumpy, very normal. How long it stays irritated depends on how sensitive your skin is but 1-2 days is normal. We recommend an after-wax product called Tendskin to ease discomfort and prevent infection. You should also avoid sun exposure and heavy sweating for a day or so after waxing.

Unfortunately the hair always grows back. Expensive laser treatments are the only thing that completely kills the hair follicle, but waxing is a great economic alternative! With shaving it grows back in a matter of days or even hours and the waxing lasts weeks. So come on in and give us 30 minutes of your time and we promise we won't give you a Steve Carrell man-o-lantern.