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How Late is Too Late?

At Fritz’s we work by appointment because we know your time is too valuable to wait around for a haircut or spa service. We make every effort to begin your service as close to the appointed time as possible. Appointments are a double-edged sword, though. Sometimes we need to reschedule late arrivals in order to avoid running behind for the rest of the day.

To ensure we allow ourselves enough time to complete a haircut that meets Fritz’s standards, we’ve established the following guidelines:

Basic Cut – The Basic Haircut is a 25-minute service. If more than 10 minutes late we can do a Tighten the Edges, but we cannot do a complete haircut.

Classic Haircut – The Classic is a 25-minute service that is the same haircut as the basic, but also includes a shampoo. If 5-10 minutes late we can do a Basic Cut instead of the Classic. More than 10 minutes late and we will need to do a Tighten the Edges.

Fritz’s Haircut – The Fritz’s Cut is a 30-minute service that is the same haircut as the Basic, but also includes a shampoo, hot towel treatment and scalp massage. Five to ten minutes late – switch to Classic Cut. More than 15 minutes late – Tighten the Edges.

As you can see, the key is that we need an absolute minimum of 15 minutes to do a quality Basic Haircut. We won’t rush you out the door with a 10-minute cut that doesn’t meet our quality standards.

In the event you are delayed and arrive late, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. First we’ll see if your preferred stylist’s next appointment can be moved to another technician (we can only do this if the stylist was not specifically requested by the guest).

If that’s not possible, we will offer to place you with a different stylist, if available. Rest assured, all our technicians are trained to give a quality cut every time, so you don’t need to worry about getting a “bad” cut. And no, your regular stylist will not be mad at you for seeing someone else. At Fritz’s we don’t pay commission, so you are not affecting her pocketbook when you see someone else. We work as a team to do what’s best for you—if that means you are in a different chair, we’re cool with that.

Why don’t we allow more time for late arrivals? This is a question we are often asked when it’s necessary to reschedule someone. It’s been suggested by some that we should schedule our appointments in a way that allows for a guest to arrive up to 20 minutes late and still receive their full service. The answer is simple economics. At Fritz’s, we sell time. In order to pay our technicians competitive wages and benefits, remain a healthy, viable business, and keep our prices reasonable, we need to book appointments within a certain timeframe. If we were to allow 45 minutes for each Basic Haircut, we would be building 20 minutes of inefficiency into our schedule—that’s almost 50% of our daily hours for sale. To do that, we would need to double our current prices (and we know you don’t want that)!

So, while we hate to ask you to reschedule (especially after you’ve been stuck in a frustrating traffic jam), we hope you understand why we do what we do.